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Survey of chaotic image encryption techniques

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Brinda Devi, D. and Dr. Selva Kumar, S.

Cryptography is simply the science of securing sensitive and confidential information as it is stored on media or transmitted through communication network paths. Chaotic Encryption is the new direction of cryptography. It makes use of chaotic system properties such as sensitive to initial condition and loss of information. Chaotic Encryption Method seems to be much better than traditional encryption methods. Encryption is the method of retaining the secrecy of images. Image Encryption based on chaos became very popular, since properties are related to confusion and diffusion, two basic properties of good cipher. Chaotic methods take advantage of the more and more complex behavior of chaotic signals to reach higher performance. The confidentiality, non-repudiation, validation, reliability of the information (data or image) should be checked properly. For ensuring security, the images are encrypted by the sender before transmitting them and are decrypted by the receiver after receiving them so that only the sender and the intended persons can see the content in the image. This paper is an analytical survey of popular secured chaotic encryption techniques, where researchers can get an idea for efficient techniques to be used.

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