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Studying nexus between green technology fuelling and inland water ways Upshoots in Diminuting carbon emissions and conserving non-renewable fuels

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Shantanu and Garima Sharma

With the huge increase in global liquid fuels usage leading to global warming due to high pollutant emission; an alarming situation has risen to develop and adopt alternative green technology. This is highly  required  for  transportation  sector,  one  of  the  major  fuel  and  energy  consumers.  Inland waterways  can be a potent replacement  for land and rail transport. IWT dwelling on marine diesel and  heavy  fuel oil is required  to adopt  renewable  sources  of energy  to be a competent  mode  of transportation.  Green Technology  focusing on alternative sources of fueling in the IWT ‘s efficient multi  modal  transport  system  will be the most  certain  a breakthrough  in the IWT  which  already shares an advantage  on all sections  of transport  in terms of fuel, cost, carrying  capacity  etc. This paper  highlights  various  green  oriented  strategies  for  improving  transportation  practices  through Inland waterways sustainably. We have explored scope of renewable energy like Solar, Wind, etc. for IWT in India where IWT is carried out only 0.2%. India blessed  with huge number  of rivers can potentially rely on Inland water transport, and utilization of enormous Solar energy, available wind etc. can massively save fuels and keep environment pollution free. Methodology like Wind and Solar resource  assessment,  wind energy  installations,  Wave  energy  utilization,  feasibility  study of other alternative  sources  of  fueling  based  on  the  climatic,  technological  sophistications  like  fuel  cells, LNG, etc studied in this paper to harness renewable sources of energy can act as Pole Star for future research and exploration  of various technologies  in this direction bringing out an innovative set up for the IWT worldwide.

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