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Production of heterotic hybrid in rohu (labeo rohita) by crossing the riverine and hatchery strains

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Wasim Sabbir, Md. Nuruzzaman Khan, Shamima Sultana, Md. Lifat Rahi and Md. Saifuddin Shah

As a genetic means of aquaculture development, hybridization can increase production performance quickly in fishes because of heterotic effect. The present study was aimed to produce heterotic hybrid in rohu (Labeo rohita) by inter-strain crossing between riverine and hatchery produced strain of rohu, namely cross-1 ( Hatchery ♂ x Hatchery ♀), cross-2 (Hatchery ♀ x Riverine ♂), cross-3 (Riverine ♂ x Riverine ♀) and cross-4 (Hatchery ♂ x Riverine ♀) as well as the growth performance of the spawns was compared with the parental strains for a period of 10 weeks in the earthen nursery rearing ponds of Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh. The riverine strain showed the lowest fertilization and hatching rates (83% and 61%) compared to hatchery strain and reciprocal hybrids. In the hybrid, a positive heterosis of 25.51% was obtained. Growth performance study revealed that both the reciprocal hybrids and riverine strain performed better than the hatchery strain. Nevertheless, mean total length among the crosses did not show any significant difference. Since the growth rate of strain crossed hybrid was reasonably high, this technique can be profitably applied for the production of fast growing seed for successful aquaculture venture.

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