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Modulatory role of l-ascorbic acid in oxidative stress induced by repeated oral administration of bifenthrin in heart of wistar rats

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Muneer Ahmad Dar, Arshad Hussain Mir, Shah Riaz Ahmed Chowdhary, Neha Sharma, Asif Ahmad Bhat, Mohd Yousuf Dar, Javid Farooq and Nileshkumar Pagrut

The present study was aimed to evaluate the modulatory role of L-ascorbic acid against oxidative stress in bifenthrin intoxicated rats. Rats were divided into four groups with six rats in each group. Group I animals received corn oil and served as control while as group II animals were orally treated with bifenthrin @ 5.8mg/Kg/day. In group III, vitamin C was orally administered @ 60mg/Kg/day where as group IV received both vitamin C and bifenthrin @ 60mg/Kg/day and 5.8mg/Kg/day respectively. After 30th day of treatment, heart samples were taken and analysed for oxidative stress parameters. Significant (P<0.05) increase in MDA levels was observed in bifenthrin treated animals as compared to control and vitamin C treated animals. The activities of antioxidant enzymes viz., SOD, GST and CAT decreased significantly (P<0.05) in bifenthrin treated rats as compared control. No significant change was observed in the concentration GSH-Px in bifenthrin intoxicated animals. Ameliorative group receiving both bifenthrin and L-ascorbic acid significantly restored the normal values of various altered oxidative stress parameters except catalase activity (CAT).

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