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Load balancing with token bucket algorithm (LBTB)

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Enakshmi Nandi and Debabrata Sarddar

Cloud Computing is new concept in internet technology which has become so popular to provide different services to client like as on-line office software, game and on-line storage facility, multi-media sharing etc. The main principal of cloud computing is offering computing, storage and “software as a service” facilities (Voorsluys et al., 2011). It provides different type of computing resources to make easy the execution of large scale tasks. The springiness of resources without paying a premium for large scale is an inevitable step in the history of IT industry. The progress in web traffic and several services are increasing day by day making load balancing a great research topic in cloud computing environment. Load balancers are used for allocating load to different virtual machines in such a way that none of nodes gets loaded heavily or lightly. If failure has occurred in load balancing process that creates unavailability of data. Our main aim is to maintain proper load balancing strategy with the help of token bucket algorithm with maintain congestion control properly.

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