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Investigation on the structural, optical, electrical and mechanical properties of a new rhodamine-b doped l-histidine hydrochloride nlo crystal

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Kathiravan, V., Pari, S. and Selvarajan, P.

Rhodamine-B doped L- Histidine Hydrochloride was grown by solution method with slow evaporation technique at room temperature. The grown crystals were observed to be slightly pink in colour. The lattice constants of the grown crystals were determined by X-ray diffraction technique. The presence of the functional groups in the crystal was confirmed by Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectral analysis. The optical transmittance of the sample was found by UV-Vis-NIR spectral studies. The fluorescence spectrum was recorded to understand the luminescence properties. The refractive index of the grown crystal was determined by Brewster’s angle method. The microhardness, yield strength and stiffness constant of the samples was found by Vicker’s microhardness studies. The dielectric constant, dielectric loss and AC conductivity of the crystal was studied as function of frequency and the results are discussed. The SHG efficiency of the crystal was found by Kurtz and Perry technique.

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