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Internet addiction as a predictor of loneliness

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Nida Anwar Ali Bhatti and Dr. Saima Masoom Ali

This research aimed to investigate internet addiction as a predictor of loneliness. It was hypothesized that: “Internet addiction would predict high loneliness”. There have been many researches conducted about the impact of internet addiction internationally, however in Pakistan there is dearth of researches related to specific area of relationship of internet addiction with loneliness. In order to test the hypothesis, sample of 300 university students (150 males and 150 females) were selected through purposive sampling from the different universities of Karachi, Pakistan. Their mean age was 21.03, and SD was 2.07. After taking verbal and written consent from the heads of faculties, participants were approached. With their consent also, they were requested to fill respondent’s profile form. To assess the dependence of oneself on internet, the Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS) was used. Differential Loneliness Scale – short student version (DLS) was used to assess one’s social segregation. The results indicated that internet addiction is a significant predictor of high loneliness.

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