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Formulation and performance characterization of ceramic tile adhesive produced with acacia gum

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Ohoke Francis Okemini and Igwebike-Ossi, Clementina Dilim

Redispersible polymer materials employed in the formulation of ceramic tile adhesives are products of high technology and are not easily available to the small scale producers of the adhesives. In this study, the potentialities of acacia gum as substitute for redispersible polymer material in ceramic tile adhesive was investigated. The adhesive samples were formulated using Portland cement, quartz sand, cellulose ether, calcium carbonate and acacia gum powder. The bond strength and mechanical properties of the adhesives were determined and compared with those of a popular commercial brand. The results revealed that after application, there was a general increase in bond strength, compressive strength, tensile strength and flexural strength of the adhesive samples over time. The formulated adhesive was comparable in performance to the commercial brand. This was evident in their mechanical properties in which the formulated adhesive and commercial brand had the following respective values of 11.48 KPa and 11.6 KPa for bond strength; 12.4 MPa and 12.8 MPa for compressive strength; 16.0 KPa and 16.4 KPa for tensile strength; 3.0MPa and 2.8MPa for flexural strength.

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