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Evidence based dentistry in prosthodontics

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Dr. Deepika Bainiwal

Statement of problem: With rapid advancements in dental materials and dental technology and improved understanding of clinical outcomes, a surfeit of research has been published in prosthodontics and dental implant–focused literature. It is well known that not all published literature is scientifically valid and clinically useful. Therefore, a critical analysis of the quality of published research and consolidation of the excess scientific information is necessary to render them significant and useful. • Prosthodontics is a unique speciality that offers numerous merits and demerits for application of principles of evidence based dentistry (EBD). • Evidence based prosthodontics can change the future course of prosthodontics education, clinical research oral health policies that have an impact on prosthodontics and the provision of care to patients. • In the evidence based approach to clinical decision making, dentists incorporate the best scientific evidence—evidence that is critically appraised in systematic reviews—with clinical experience and their patients’ preferences for treatment outcomes. The dental profession should define clinically relevant questions, commission systematic reviews to answer those questions and, when evidence is not available, advocate for good-quality clinical research to be conducted to provide the answers. • (EBD) takes a systematic approach to summarize the large volume of literature that health care providers need to assimilate into their practices.

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