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Demand for non-timber forest products in akure metropolis

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Adepoju, A.A., Oladeebo, J. O. and Ojedokun, I.K.

This study was carried out to examine the household demand for NTFPs in Akure Metropolis in Ondo State of Nigeria using a simple random sampling to select household from each of the two wards from Akure North and South Local Government Areas. A systemic sampling technique was used to select household from each ward and a sample size of 89 respondents was obtained. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics and AIDS model. The descriptive statistics was used to identify and describe the socio economic characteristics of the respondents while AIDS model was used to estimate the demand for Non timber forest products in the study area. The study revealed that the average age of the respondent is 45 years, 83.1percent of them were married, 78.7 percent of the respondents were Christians while 42.7 percent had tertiary educational background. Majority of the respondents that consume NTFPs were females while 87.6 percent of the respondents live within the vicinity where NTFPs can be found. The uses to which NTFPs products are put includes; consumption purposes, medicinal purposes, ceremonial and traditional rites. The five selected NTFP for the study are moinmoin-leave, bushmeat, snail, kola and garden-egg. For products used, owned price elasticities are less than unity in their absolute terms implying that their demand is inelastic. Result further reveals that an inverse relationship exist between household expenditure and budget share on bushmeat, lastly, the expenditure elasticity selected NTFPs considered are all positive except garden egg.

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