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Comparative studies of econeem and piper longum extracts against cotton roller sylepta derogate fab

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Mariselvi, S. and Manimegalai, K.

Cotton is a plant which is desirable to many pests. For this reason, many chemical and synthetic pesticides are used of which many are insecticides. Plant extracts aspest repellents is a very effective method of pest control. Plant extract is locally available and which is found least attractive to pests can be used as pest repellent in the crop. The cotton leaf roller Sylepta derogata is a key pest of cotton, irrespective of the use of conventional and organic management. The damage caused by the caterpillars whose feeds on the leaves and young buds. Piper longum is a slender aromatic climber and having repellent and insecticidal property. Neem products have been used in india for over two millennia for their medicinal properties. Neem oil can cause some forms of toxic encephalopathy. Neem is key ingredient in non-pesticidal management. One of the important effect of neem is the ovicidal effect or egg mortality against agricultural insect pests. ertain phytochemicals are known to be antifeedant compounds or reject ants which can deter insect pests from feeding plant tissues.

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